Hi! My name is Susana, but you can call me Susie.

My work focuses on family engagement and early STEM learning in Latino communities. I’m passionate about using tech, media, and a culturally informed approach to develop programs that support the whole family in helping their little ones learn STEM concepts early on—in both English and Spanish. I co-design with media organizations, nonprofits, and school districts that are ready to invest in their early childhood education programs. With over a decade of academic and applied experience, I specialize in designing equity-oriented, STEM-focused early learning environments that help learners, educators, and researchers engage Latino families.

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Applied Work

I’m the Director of Early Learning at PBS SoCal, where I support, develop, and ensure high-quality children’s media programming according to best practices in early childhood education. When I’m not working on PBS SoCal programming, you’ll find me conducting professional development trainings, parent workshops, and presentations in early learning media, technology, and STEM. I’ve reviewed mobile apps for the Fred Rogers Company—a huge honor, since Mr. Rogers was a huge part of my childhood! I also serve on the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) board advising the public media system on the effective use of educational public media.

Collaborate with Me

Let’s work together to design an intentional, playful, and culturally informed early learning program to support families in your community. You can find me on Twitter (@EdGalPBS) tweeting about education, learning technologies, and community engagement.

Academic Work and Research

I’m also an Ed.D. candidate in Learning Technologies at Pepperdine University, where I’m exploring how families can support their little ones in learning STEM concepts. My work primarily focuses on Latino families and communities here in Southern California. I hold a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the California State University, Long Beach, and I received my Bachelor of Arts in Asian American Studies with a minor in Applied Psychology in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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